Wai Yin Ho26/11/2019 01:37
Visionbody <email@teamleader.be> 於 2019年11月25日 週一 下午4:51寫道:
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Diandra Bohnes25/11/2019 09:51

Wai Yin Ho24/11/2019 11:08
So, what’s next?

Who is responsible for the refund?

It’s over a month. i tried every method to reach your company. What you do is block me in facebook.
Diandra Bohnes11/11/2019 08:25
Hello, I am very sorry but I have forwarded your cancellation to the responsible department and unfortunately I can not do more for you as I have no authority to refund. But I'll point out urgency again so you can finally get your money.
Wai Yin Ho10/11/2019 08:05
When will I receive the refund?
Wai Yin Ho07/11/2019 04:00
No reply from you since last time.

Jess Ho <jesation@gmail.com> 於 2019年11月4日 週一 下午1:43寫道:
Wai Yin Ho04/11/2019 06:43
Hi Mr. H. Schmidt,

This is the 3rd time I am asking for the refund of order #22045. A
one-month order which took over half year that I had to cancel.

I am really disappointed about your company's service.
I orderd the product in May, and you said it takes 1 month for delivery.
When I aked for the delivery, I was stalled each time, for months, weeks,
then days...
Now, I don't want to wait any longer.
You know, I do order globally, but never did refunds take more than 48

You are stalling again.

2 weeks passed and no refund from you.
I am really stupid and don't know much about commercial crimes in Germany.
Or is your company really a registered company in Germany?
Germans are trustworthy race to me.

1 more week I shall wait.
Or I guess I should take other actions.

Please, don't make me write again.
Diandra Bohnes28/10/2019 09:02

Aussprache lernen
I am very sorry. I will pass it on today to the owner of the business Mr. H. Schmidt
Wai Yin Ho28/10/2019 01:21

How long will it takes for the refund?


Visionbody Vertriebs GmbH <support@vision-body.com> 於 2019年10月21日 週一